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We are a results driven agile IT company serving the needs of small to medium sized business to increase their ROI and market share.

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    With over 20 Years in the IT industry, Agility Squared is uniquely positioned to serve its customers with our Web Design Brisbane teams. All of our team members are experts with WordPress Design and have certificates of accomplishments from our in House WordPress training course. We adhere to strict project management principles to ensure our projects are completed on time and to budget.

    We specialise in WordPress, WooCommerce (Online Shopping) and Payment gateway portals to create an integrated solution thats easy for you to keep updated yourself without having to engage Agility Squared every time you need to make a small change.

    The leadership of agility has over 100 years of web design experience and our web design team is ready to turn your IT dreams into a reality.

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    Quality Web Design is our priority with all of our customers. No matter the size of your project we assign an account manager to personally oversee the web development and provide weekly reports on the progress. It is never more important than on the internet to create a quality website. People jump from website to website making split-second decisions on whether a website is worth browsing or not. Don’t risk people navigating away from yours, engage Agility and allow our Web Design Brisbane teams to create a quality website that showcases your business as a force to be reckoned with

    At Agility we charge silver prices and deliver a platinum product and quality of service. We only employ the best in the industry to guarantee that the web design brisbane team assigned to your project will deliver above and beyond your expectations.

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    All of our websites are packed full of the latest features to ensure your site is super easy to use and manage.

    • Easy to use admin screens to make changes to your website by yourself
    • Create pages, format them, add your own images, sound files and video, and with one click your content is live
    • Social Media Integration with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) designed Website to ensure you get high traffic to your site
    • Free 30 Minute WordPresss Training provided with every purchase.

    All of our web design brisbane teams are trained and are kept up do date with the latest technologies in web design and you can rest assured that Agility Squared is at the forefront of any technology changes and we are uniquely positioned to be your partner with your web design needs.

    Why Choose Us ?

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    SEO Ready

    All of our WordPress websites are created with SEO in mind. This means that there is no huge re-work required when you are ready to enter the big world of SEO.

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    Responsive Web Design

    Your website will be designed to be fully responsive and mobile friendly and work across ALL internet browsers. With more than 70% of all internet traffic being delivered via mobile devices, it is critical to build a responsive website. Let our Web Design Brisbane team get it done for you.

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    Experienced WordPress Developers

    We live and breathe WordPress!! There is no better CMS on the market right now. We work exclusively with WordPress as it is so easy to rank within Google. Our SEO team work hand in hand with our Web Design Brisbane team to deliver incredible results.

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    Proudly Australian Owned and Operated

    We offer outstanding customer support. We understand you, and we get you, the first time around. Our communication skills are exemplary, put us to the test today.

    Meet Our Brisbane Web Design Team

    Meet Our Brisbane Web Design Team

    Famous for smart, sleek looking designs that will showcase your business to the world

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    Let us showcase WordPress

    wordpress development
    • Easy to Maintain

      If you are looking at self maintaining your website, look no further than WordPress

    • WooCommerce

      By far Woo Commerce is regarded as the the best eCommerce product on the market and as a bonus integrates seamlessly with WordPress

    • Plugins Plugins Plugins

      Plugins greatly reduce costs and increase speed of development, and we pass on those saving to you, making your website cheaper to build

    • More Traffic Higher Rankings

      If you want to rank in Google search results, and drive traffic to your website, you need to use our WordPress development services

    • Responsive web design

      WordPress inherently builds responsive websites. We know how to harness that knowledge and our web design Brisbane teams have you covered

    • Mobile Friendly

      Did you know that over 70% of people use smartphone to browse the internet? That’s why you need a mobile friendly website.

    • Social Networking

      WordPress lets you easily hook up to all your social media sites with ease and allows for the integration of these social networks to boost your online presence

    • Sleek Modern Design

      Our web design Brisbane team will utilize WordPress in full to deliver the professional and modern website your company deserves

    At Agility Squared we love to rave about WordPress. Why? Simply because it is an incredibly flexible and agile CMS. Unless you are a large banking organisation requiring thousands of lines of custom lines of PHP code, there is no need to look elsewhere. Our Web developers are all trained in WordPress and PHP and have the knowledge and expertise to drive your online business into the future.

    We take Web Design very seriously, and that’s why we like WordPress. WordPress is constantly being updated and the community is so active, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished with it.

    Our Web Designers have worked with many different design tools over the years, and we no longer work with any other tools as our clients just love to use WordPress and cant stop raving about it.

    ” I am running a small business all by myself.

    I did not want to invest a lot of money on a website but I wanted to find somebody reliable and still wanted a modern and sleek looking website.

    I didn’t think this was possible, until I spoke to the guys at Agility!”

    At Agility, we hear you!

    We know what your business means to you and what you worry about.

    We have many pricing options to choose from.

    Talk to our sales team and let us sort you out with a no obligation quote.

    Leaders in web design brisbane

    What do you need to check before you go ahead with a web design company?

    • What kind of support do they have? Do they have a 1300 Number?
    • Are they an Australian or off shore IT company?
    • How good are their communication skills?
    • Do they actually have any real IT experience?
    • How friendly are the staff?
    • How quickly do they respond to email support requests?
    • Can they do more than one service for my business?
    • How reasonable are their prices?
    • Do they have any existing customers?
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    Tell me more about your team

    Our Web Design Brisbane team consists of two senior lead designer who act as the Project Managers for all of our web Design work. The lead designer also covers the technical aspect of the more complicated builds and ensures that all of our development methodologies are adhered to.

    The lead designers are in charge of approximately 4-6 web designers each who are all Brisbane based.

    In some instances a senior lead designer will take a more active role on some of our corporate customers and liaise directly with the stakeholders of the organisation.

    We have plans for growing the web design Brisbane team further in the near future and welcome any interested junior and senior web developers to forward their resumes onto our HR department at careers@agility.com.au We are always on the lookout for bright sparks.

    Agility can improve your website speed

    Just have a look at our own page speed test. Our main webpage is 4MB which is quite large and it loads in under 1 second.

    Trust us with your website to get it performing as it should.

    website speed test
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    Can you help me sell my products online?

    At Agility we specialise in Woo Commerce. Why? Because it integrates flawlessly with WordPress and builds an eCommerce presence stronger than the best built shopify store. We get a lot of customers coming from various complicated shopping cart software tools out there, only to be amazed at how easy it is to sell their products once our Web Design Brisbane team has finished optimising their website.

    When its all said and done whats important? Having a complicated online store that you cant maintain yourself? Or a feature rich easy to use online shopping experience thats hassle free and just works?

    We think you will agree with us. Speak to any one of our Web Design Brisbane team members and let us show you just how easy eCommerce can be.

    I love their service!

    Not only did they build a website for me but also they boosted our sales by installing and configuring Woo Commerce

    Thank you guys!

    I get so much business from my website now that I am on the first page of Google. I do not need to do any other marketing campaign other than my website and am saving thousands each month

    Many clients comment about how great my website looks. That’s one less thing to worry about in my busy day.

    We are very happy with their service and wouldn’t have been able to do it without them

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