We offer the most complete all round SEO Training course in Australia that covers everything you need to know from choosing the most effective keyword for your business, to implementing effective SEO strategies that have proven results. Our SEO training courses run in all Major Australian cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

SEO Training Brisbane

SEO Training Brisbane will teach you all you need to know to perform SEO on your own Website!


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Search Engines are Key

Google is the biggest Search Engine in the world so getting ranked on Google is very, very valuable. Google uses Robots called ‘Crawlers’ to analyse your Website and its content. The information is run through Googles algorithms to decide where your site should rank in the Search results (if at all). Agility Squared offers SEO Training Brisbane, to teach you how you can do this yourself and help you generate more business. For those located out of Brisbane we also do over the phone training sessions too.

  • What do Links do?

    The Fundamentals of Links.

  • Keywords

    Learn the basic principles of Keywords.

  • Blogs

    Learn how effective Blogs can  can easily boost up you Google ranking.

  • How to write a Blog with WordPress

    Learn how to write Blogs and the critical aspects of Blogs to get Google to notice you.

  • Gaining Reputation/ Backlinks

    Techniques for gaining valuable reputation.

  • Internal Links

    Website Navigation.

  • Outbound Links

    How to make valuable Outbound Links.

  • Getting Blog Ideas

    A different variety of Blogging ideas.

  • Social Media for SEO

    Social Media in relation to SEO, and it’s importance is this modern age.

  • How to share your Blogs to Social Media

    We will show you how to share your blogs to different Social Medias using WordPress.

    Social Medias include but are not limited to: Google +, Google my Business, YoutubeFacebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Google Analytics

    Learn how to track your Websites progress.

  • Plugins for SEO

    Learn about automated WordPress plugins for your Website.

  • What is SEO

    Learn what SEO is all about, from the very start.

  • Google & SEO

    Learn why getting ranked Google is so highly valuable.

  • Google Algorthims

    Learn why it’s important to follow Googles rules and what Google wants from you.

  • How do Search Engines Work?

    To optimise your Website it’s imperative to know how a Search operates.

  • WordPress & SEO

    Find out why using WordPress puts your Website ahead in terms of SEO.

  • What do you need for SEO?

    Three main components we will teach you to perform SEO on your Website.

Do you advertise for our Business?

Indirectly, the answer is yes. What we do is optimise your Website and use social media to expand your audience, moving it up in Search Engine Ranks (Google). This results in more traffic to your Website and thus more sales for your Business.

Why choose the Training over our SEO service

SEO for your Business can become costly as it’s a lot more then a one off job. SEO takes continuous work which means another on going expense for your business. This is why we offer SEO Training Brisbane. For a one off price you can receive the right practises to optimise your site forever. Our SEO Training Brisbane is an investment for your Business.

  • $799
  • At Agility we host intellectual grouped SEO Training Sessions all around Australia. The day long course will fill you in with everything you need to know about SEO, from the basics of what is SEO, To physically optimising your Websites for search engines and all the Analytics behind the scences. The grouped session is a completely different experience from the 1 on 1 session, it really depends on how you learn and how you would like to be taught.
  • $1699
  • At Agility we also host intellectual 1 on 1 SEO Training Sessions. You can either take the course Online, where you will be assigned a trainer and be taught through a program called Team Viewer or depending on where you are we can actually come out to you and train you 1 on 1. The grouped session is a completely different experience from the 1 on 1 session, it really depends on how you learn and how you would like to be taught.