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Sugar CRM CE Provides the most cost effective Sugar CRM Software solution starting from just $50 per month

Sales, Marketing and Service Brisbane Wide. All in one powerful solution.

SugarCRM CE provides advanced, fully integrated services with sales, marketing and service tools combined into one robust and powerful CRM software. Sugar CRM software allows your business whether big or small to capture and progress, leads and contacts into successful sales. This will enable your business to grow quicker whilst tracking engagement levels to allow for business relationships to grow. Sugar CRM software, specifically SugarCRM Brisbane Community Edition offers unparalleled customizing and flexibility to accomplish even the most advanced functions while not breaking the bank.

There are over 5 million PHP developers out there, thats right, 5 million, which is why your hands wont be tied to a proprietary programming language relying on expensive resources to get the job done. SugarCRM CE is well regarded as the most cost effective CRM software out there today. We have a number of CRM System developers in our Brisbane office who are fully qualified with PHP development.

At Agility we specialize in ALL the SugarCRM versions or forks. Namely: SugarCRM CE, SuiteCRM and VTiger.

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I heard SugarCRM was expensive, is this true?

It is true that SugarCRM is expensive. Typically you need to pay $100 per user per month with a minimum licence purchase of 10 users. This amount needs to be paid for 12 months in advance. This means that the minimum outlay for a single SugarCRM user equates to approximately $12 000.00

This amount is outrageously expensive, even for large companies for a CRM software solution.

This is where Agility comes in to make it affordable for everyone in Brisbane and Australia Wide. Essentially SugarCRM CE is free and all we charge is for the monthly hosting fee and any additional service fees such as Implementation costs, project management, business analysis or training costs.

For the large majority of small business, there is no costs and only the monthly hosting fee payable which starts as low as $50 per user per month for a FULL all inclusive feature SugarCRM CE installation hosted on our powerful servers in Brisbane.

What does CRM deliver?

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CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”

In this day and age, if you don’t know your customer, how will you service them?

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Why SugarCRM? 

Every business needs to know and understand their customers. They dont want to call and every time go through past history explanations, they expect you to have all that history on file. Consolidate your Sales, Services, Invoicing, Quotes, Appointments and Workflow to give a great customer experience. Why not give Agility, a Brisbane based company a call today on 1300 AGILITY (244 548)

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Why not try our free demo/trial? Register for a free trial version of our great CRM software. Have a look for yourself why millions of people are using SugarCRM and see how you can best leverage the SugarCRM platform to boost your sales and streamline your business today.

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